Creating and Enjoying Happiness Everyday

Ever since I was 3, I have enjoyed moments of solitude in a crowd. I am not a loner or introvert. These were not enjoyable because I disliked my life. As a matter of fact I had an exceptionally good childhood and though growing-up has not always been a bed of roses, I enjoy my life and it’s myriad aspects. These little moments that I mentioned only added to the colour of my dreams and enhanced my desire to make my waking reality the best it could be.

Most importantly, I don’t need to physically leave my everyday routine to enjoy these moments, though travel is a much enjoyed means of escape. Rather they come to me through a combination of books (my favourite escape route), art (traditional art especially paintings and illustrations), movies (black and white, current, multi-language), fashion and style, meandering happy conversations with friends and of course travel (the journey, the destination and then reliving the whole experience repeatedly).

I’ve learn’t to believe that only you are responsible for you own happiness, though there are certain blessing that obviously make it much easier to be so. Though it’s not possible to control the actions of people or the times and world around us, we can usually choose to try and make everyday a bit more beautiful and happy.

So here’s to discovering, creating, enjoying and recalling moments of happy escapism.


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