I Deserve Me

It’s that time of the year again. When thinkers start introspecting, party animals go crazy , dieters yo-yo and  us regular folk go nuts trying to balance a social, professional and family commitment while enjoying the festive atmosphere.  What all of us do, in some capacity or the other (except some supremely self-confident and zen people out there), is chalk up and evaluate the previous year, leading to smug moments, moments of feeling left behind, crazy resolutions and ultimately the breaking of those crazy resolutions. There are very few people who I know that head into January (post the extended New Year Eve’s party) with a smile on their faces.  Why do most of us end up panicking that we have lost another year, as against really celebrating our achievements? 

In keeping with the positive (escapist) vibe of this blog, here’s how I’m going to make like a child and blow my own trumpet (even if it’s just between me and me).

  • Make a list of three things that I have achieved this year
  • Decide how to reward myself and make time to enjoy it
  • Plan how I’m going to build on my achievements and hopes for the coming year

To be truthful, this seemed extremely self-indulgent to me at first, however, this is how my thinking changed. Don’t we balance criticism with praise in most environments. be it at work, at home or even in a well-written review? So, when we believe that behaving ‘fairly’ towards the rest of the world yields the best results, why not apply the same to ourselves?

This new year decide to ‘Love yourself unconditionally’ and I guarantee you will become a better person.

P.S. – This is not the same as always indulging yourself and being self-centered. Think of it as a mother loving and guiding her child and you’re good to go.

Stay Happy Everyday

The Dreamer

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